Dave Jolly

Owner and Technician

Dave Jolly has been playing free reed instruments since 1974

With the difficulty in finding reliable and good quality repairers of these wonderful instruments Dave set out to learn the trade himself.

So it is that he has been repairing and restoring free reed instruments professionally since 1984 learning by experience and asking lots of questions!

Why come to JollyBox?

As an avid player, collector and general fan of these fantastic 'beasts' Dave has an understanding of them on many levels. Thus he understands the customers concerns that his/her instrument will be in the best and safest of hands.

All aspects of repair are possible, from changing a broken reed to a full and total restoration and Dave has more recently become far more involved in Concertinas, right from reed replacement and tuning to fitting new valves, pads, bushings, springs, even new bellows if required, and the refinishing of the wooden ends.

New instruments can also be supplied and JollyBox has a long association with Hohner, Weltmeister, Serenellini and Mengascini. Budget instruments made in China to very good standards are also available by the marque 'Scarlatti' They produce an excellent 30 Key Anglo Chromatic Concertina in the keys of C/G for around £245 and Dave is very happy to endorse them as a great 'entry level' Concertina.

More than 30 years experience

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All work is carried out to the highest standard and fully guaranteed. Quotation for work is free and no work is carried out without customer consent.